Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Adopted Life

My name is Kate. I am still green and the only child of my family. My dad is jobless and he rather sits at home and being a couch potato. He is a hanky-panky person. He never likes me going to school. These provokes me. Sometimes I being scolded and yelled either I am irreproachable or not. Mom does not even bother and this makes me feel doubtful about her. Am I her daughter? Until now I do not know what her job is. What is she doing? I asked her “Am I adopted?” She said that I am not supposed to be in this world. I was born not according to the plan. In a simple word, I am busted. Before I exist, mum has gone for an abortion to throw me out of her life but it was too late. In these circumstances, mum has to marry dad.

On one perfect morning, I walked along the street just like I had always done before. I can see people from all walks of life. Then I decided to go to Chris’ apartment. She is thirty-four years old. I know it sounded silly but she was my bosom friend. Chris is the one who has been encouraging my study. “Hey, Kate! Check this out. It’s for you.” Chris showed me an encyclopedia. At that time, I was over the moon. I am always coveted to own one of those books. I already have a storybook and a dictionary in my collection. All of them are given by Chris. She said that she got it from the bin.

At night while I am reading, I heard the sound of the door being open. By that time I have heard someone was laughing followed by mum’s drunken voice. I look through a narrow opening from my room. Then I saw mum with a guy and they seem so intimate. And my eyeball swiftly captured dad who was sleeping on the sofa. On the next morning, I have prepared myself for school to sit for an exam. I passed mum’s room and I felt express doubts about the truth. When I opened the door, I was petrified. I cannot believe my eyes. How could she do this to me? She had betrayed dad and foremost she had betrayed me as her daughter. I quickly ran out. I sobbed my heart out. Why? What for? I have never asked? It is no use crying over spilt milk. I have tried to wipe my sob and relax my mind for my exam. At first, the teacher would not let me do the exam because I have never been to school unless there is an exam.

Despite that, I try to convince the teacher to let me sit for the exam. And I have obtained the consent from the teacher. It was just like a miracle, I have obtained an ‘A’ for the exam and was the highest. But this time, I also won a scholarship to Harvard. Believe me, at that time I did not even know what kind of university Harvard is. Right after school I have went to meet Chris to relate the good news. But this time Chris was not as usual. Her smile revealed all the pain she was suffering right now. She is paralyzed and was suffering from cancer. I looked into her deep eyes. I can feel the agony. I embrace her and burst into tears. She has told me that she wanted me to be graduated and been for a rosy future.

Last but not least, with my best brains, I am now in Harvard. Day by day, I am willing to improve by leaps and bounds but Chris is getting worst. These distract my studies. I tried to concentrate and I realize that
Rome was not built in a day. I must try my best to get the best. God helps those who help themselves.

As a result, I will be graduating today. Mum and dad were not here and I do not expect them to be here. I have lost faith in them and my hatred grew more. But where is Chris? I have already told her about today’s event. In these circumstances, I felt uncomfortable with her absence.

After my convocation, I rushed to Chris’ apartment but she was not there. George whom is her neighbour says that Chris has been sent to the hospital that morning. I was taken aback. I quickly rushed to the hospital.Then, I saw Chris is lying on the bed and surrounded by white serenity. I can feel the warm tears in my eyes felt slowly. I went close and held her hand. I have told her that I got a job in and had been given a green card. I wanted her to stay with me there. She is smiling with pain inside. Not for long, I can feel the cold hand of her and her life ended on the day. My tears swiftly decrease. This life is adopted for me and now I am homeless.

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