Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Sin

I don`t know what should I say to you..

Sound from my head always buzz me up..

I`ve made a damn sucks mistake before..

I regret that it happen..

Your heart breaks because of me..

And I didn`t say anything..

Just ignore till don`t even realize that you are suffering..

Suffer because of love..

The purest of pain deep inside you..

I`m no one when you`re not around..

Lost of words,lost everything..

Useless..priceless,,yes,that is how I feel..

When you wasn`t there..i just realize..

I lost you,my confidence,everything..

Sorry for the deep wound in your heart..

Now you`ve back..

Don`t know what should i do..

Could someone please tell me!!

Do i love you? i don`t know..

How far? i d0n`t know..

You`re here as a Friend..

Can i accept it? i don`t know..

Because you used to love me once..

You fall, just fall and what did i do?

I`ve done nothing..

Shame on me..

Can you fall again? no one knows..

Only you who has the answer..

Tell me when you fall again..

Because I wanted to do you a favour..

Anything that pleasure you..

And I`m here waiting just to fall..

Because I don`t want to find love anymore..

Or I will make a mistake again..


Nina Aziz said...

weiyh...ko nie pasal pe bsdeyan dibln puasa nie??

Miss Blueroses said... yg lame punye la...saje post..hoho