Sunday, August 23, 2009

Makes me wonder

You noe sumthin, our life is like a wheel. Anything that u want cart wheel, car wheel or any~ there r times we will be on top, in da middle and down.. that is life i guess.. well i mean it is my life..

my head is dizzy..the sounds in my head keeps bugging me.. how i wish all these r fake..n none for real~ I noe i ant live in past..i hav to move forward.. live in i think i should fight in present..huh..everything is not rite here..

welll i dunno wut to do.everything is not rite..i mean life, my financial, my gloomy days, my insanity, my rationality, all sucks..except for my homies..i’m glad that i hav them rite glad..thanks u guys..

i feel so stupid for trying to change my life..i can decide wut my life is gonna be, but wut leading it gave me more than a fullstop which i hav to choose for my own good..

NO TURNING BACK!!~that always be my principle.. i almost forgot, bcoz of that principle i like nike brand..hahaha wtf?? so rite now, all i’m gonna do is try to be happy for these days and all days..its time to change..eventhough i’m not so sure, but rite now that is how i felt it is..stop live in past..i hav to plan now in present n start my most enjoyable time in future.. X0X0~

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