Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How does a bitch felt~ :(

I dont know why I felt this way, but technically I do.. I feel like someone is/are calling me bitch..
feels like kene cop bitch.. coz 3 days ago I had this dream and there r a few people looking at me as if I am a bitch.. huh! sgt miserable...

Urgh! people yg sgt menjengkelkan

y is there people yg sgt menjengkelkan???mmg xleh tgk aku senang btol laa...
suke sgt memporak perandakn hidup aku...
r u guys enjoying I being alone???????? its like u people dont want me to hav anyone else...
duh!!!kalo xkaco aku, kang nti kaco people sekeliling aku..
hey!!by a minute n 26 seconds, who r u ppl again?n wut is ur prob!!???

p/s:sikit pissssssss oooffffff

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Day Out To Port Said

waahh sgt penat..i went to this place 4 escorting about 2 times n it was really meletihkan..
but helping people is fun to me...
but there's a few things making me piss off sket at that time..but its ok..
biasela kanak2 lg mereka ini...hoho
the trip was fun coz lepaking wif frens yg sekepala...hoho

sangat cool

guys..this video i got it from sarah..huhu well it is a nice n cool n cute video...
pleaaaassee watch it!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Back again wif raya fever!!!!!
well our raya is a last minute planned by Ustz Duwe(a big clap here)...we're not goin to hav it on 10 oct but on 1st day raya instead.... ermm...we kinda gather all students to work for this festival to avoid da home sick thingy for new coming semua org kinda berkerja keras at blok C, masak2, n some buat kuih raya n props at their own houses...Its not about da celebration actually, it is about the feeling of Eid itself n working together by helping among us...tha is da beautiful of it...where we can share our joy n excitement...well malam raya was good..

ARghhh!!! overslept! pheww nasib baik x terlepas da celebration...I was late n they were like searching for me...where's dd???where is she????(duhh1! at home sleeping..hehe) a big sorry there guys....really tired....sgt sorry...nasib baik terjaga....tu pon Timah kejot.. dgn menggunakan sepenuh tenaga, Timah menolak daun pintu seraya berkata "kak didi! skang dh kol 8,dh lambat..sorry kite pon baru sedar" I was like wut??!!!(hoh bergegas berlari ke toilet dan mandi manda slpas membuat fon call kpd Abg Din-Bhg Tugas Khas)"ok2!xpa2, depa paham dd penat,mai cpt sket" "baik!!"(but still dlm mood serba salah n terkejot..hehe) bertungkus lumus dgn Timah bersiap cm hape tah... dgn gitarnye..air 10 botol..heals..Baju raya..(Adoii! auwfull giler..) but its ok guys. relax. cool. Everything is under control. heh~

Sampai dpn istad tuh, I was like mendapatkan Fiki n Bob uk mengangkat air n kebetulan da band boys dah call about da guitar...Wahh!! ape lagi, membuka heals n berlari anak smbil membawa gitar ke dlm dewan futsal..(seyes babe..gua kaki ayam lari gi dewan...) Nasib baik bidang tugas ajk dh diberitahu mlm raya tu, n alhamdulillah everything's going well that day. Dapat plak, bdk2 ni panggil berucap kt depan, dh la mamai lg, kne berucap plak.(tragedi oktober btol..huhu mcm cite awie plak hik3!!) Tp korg junior2 baru sampai thanx a lot k...tanpa korg kerje sume all seniors too yg sama2 berusaha utk majlis ni...arigato gozaimass...memang best arr rayer tahun ni...gempak2!!!

p/s: for more pics, please visit any click me..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Soo CoooL~

Last month, I met this sis. I was so jealous with her frankly. Wanna noe y???
Because she told me that she had been best friend for 10 years. and that is so cool for me.
How sweet, they grew together, eat together, know each other so well..n foremost came to egypt together for study.. dear, their friendship is so pure and I hope it will last long till the end, till death tears em apart..huhu I'm sooo touched..isk3!!

Hope one day I could be like em..with my hommies rite now... Guys, u guys should noe this, 'I LOVE U ALL!!!!'