Sunday, August 24, 2008

Me n my holiday part 1

Hola everybody!
Juz got back from my holiday in Malaysia..huhu my holiday was kind of enjoying because I was able to met a few friend of mine whom I miss so muchy2!!
On the first or second week which I cant remember exactly when, my friend, Maben giv me a call. He said that he wants to step by with a few friends(a few la sgt..berdua jer..wif Jeghi..huhu) I don’t mind because I miss them so much. Miss the time when we lepak2 together at mamak’s stall. Hoho we have a chit chat while eating. Kebetulan my homies was there too. Dya came by to take some photocopy notes and visiting me.hehe My two frens told me that n ajaking me to the Piala KOSMO which is held in UPM. Because my friend Komeng was playing there. So I went there on the next day. So unlucky me, xsempat watch him playing. I was late.isk3!! I met Yo too.. kinda cool!!hehe but maben n jeghi xdpt dtg. They’re busy plak that day. Never mind, at least I already met them. But still miss them till now..huk3!! Nak balik Malaysia!!

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