Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baby Day Out Part 2

Hey folks out there, the non-stop readers..hehe I juz got bck from my Jaundis and Hepatitis Type A infection. Urghh!! that was so missrable and I cant eat for about 2 weeks..gosh! that is so pothetic n painful. Luckily my homies are taking care of me. Everything that I ate is so sgt xsedap..So, I juz drank some juices. Only that my tounge can accept.huhu Well, I'm fine now after taking few blood test n some legal medicine..hoho finally!! haih~

Continuing of my stories while I'm in Malaysia. I do went to see not all but a few of my frens. 1st wif my Sin Chan family. I went out wif Yen Nee to UM aka Universiti Malaya for Pesta Konvo.
Actually I dont even know who r we going to met until nearly at the gate of UM (like kena ketuk dgn penyapu baru nk igt..hehe). Ceh it was Sensei la..huhu already forgotten that he's studying there. Now dah grad..waaahhh.(wondering when is mine..LOL) Actually while meeting Sensei, I was waiting for a fren too from my matriculation coz we havent met quite a long time. Suddenly I dunno wut happen, she had cancelled our day..(hampas gas tol bdk Noni ni..bkn nama sebenar). at about 4 o'clock, we wait for Fina at the nearest cafe. Fina brought the 2 of us to her house, after salaming2 wif her mom, we went to our deary place Tasik Permaisuri. Snapping a few pics wif pelbagai aksi akrobatik yg menarik utk tontonan umum..hehe She showed us a new stall erm no restaurant,but its that small...so its a stall..erm wut ever la... sgt best tmpt die.. Fina n Yen Nee ordered the same drinks which is watermelon laicee...sgt enak n lazat. I ordered my Mochachino blended...huhu tinggi tol blend die..huhu

Next, outing, I went out wif my mom buying some stuff for my stock in egypt nti..huhu sedey plak nk balik.. on way back..waahh cm tin sardin inside the train n my mom terpakse berhimpit..poor her, she has never berhimpit sebegitu. We cant wait for the train is almost empty coz Willy is waiting for me at home picking me up to Fizah's place 1st then Alamanda for Celaka family gathering..
On our way to Fizah's place, I informed Fizah that we're on our way. I remember receiving a msg from her"huh lambat btol tggu tuan puteri sorg ni..bkn main lame"(lebey krg cmtu la ayat nye..hehe ouch!!) Adoii!! sorry la u people...hehe Actually we're kinda early that time. Nick, Nazim n Maria r not there yet. So we ate 1st sambil taking2 photo.hehe wat malu jer kanak2 ni..haih~ oppss I was there too..hahhah after Nick , Nazim n Maria smpai, we teman2 then mkn2 jap, then starts the gila thingy taking, snapping, acrobatic n stuff in front of A&W. waahh2!! without pedulikan pe org nak ckp...mmg sgt pelik melihat aksi2 kami..hoho pak cik mak cik pon takot je nk dekat, apetah lg kanak2 yg kiut miut itu..haih~ tp it was fun..gathering together like that. Will be missing u guys sooooo mucchhh!!!!

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