Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Miamor Vacation

Holla everybody!!! Juz got back from Pulau Besar,Melaka for family holiday. It was so exciting and fun. It is because we could gather as family as whole. Because Angah is stuying in Melaka, Me in Egypt, Papa is working. So this is the moment for us to share and value it and again away from the city(LOL poyo jer!!).
After check-in, Me and Tenet(bkn nama sebenar) went to a stall nearby. Juz wanna buy some drinks. Waahh the mak cik sgt evil. She sold the drink to us for RM3 per drink(Gile cekik darah mak cik nih..).Fine I bought it. Again we went there for dinner. Actually there's a few of stalls there selling the same thing. I told my mom to go to another stall.Juz try. Surprisingly, da stall sgt lah murah.(huh siot punye mak cik). Then my sis wanna buy some top up.we went to da mak cik again. She said she will sell RM10 Top up for RM 13.(Mak aih!! Giler babs). We went to the murah stall juz now, again surprise, he sell us less RM2 than the mak cik. memang we never go to the mak cik anymore.haha padan muka mak cik, no wonder she got plenty of customer compared to another one.

Next day we went to the beach after breakfast. Actually there we've met Mr Ombak(hahah ombak jahat!!!!) haha He scares my lil sis till my sis dont wanna get into the water..hoho We collect some seashells out there. It was fun playing with Mr Ombak together. Aah, it has been a long time since we went to the beach. Quite fun. More fun when we're on the boat. the boat bergerak dgn sgt laju...again wow!! Like rollercoaster.

I'm going to remember this moment that i'ver never had. Still remember how my lil sis was crying like hell dont wanna get into da water at all. She kept screaming "mama!!! Adik takuttt air!!!tak nak!!!" haha we all juz lough out loud. What else to do?? then we went hikingit is not really hiking, more to archeology. Visiting the makam there. I was shocked coz the makam is so panjang and big. And again Subhanallah, it is HIS power alhamdulillah.

Anyway it was an exciting trip.

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