Saturday, May 5, 2012

Theory on how the diseases spread

Hi people, long time no see. How are you guys doing? Bla bla bla... well I'm not doing those rhetorical questions. Well after so long, I would like to expose to you guys about my new finding theories that I gain while I’m MIA. I was reading (well isn’t that always the way) about the production of sound called PHONATION. Well before I jump into a very bit different concepts, let me remind you something about this sound production. Our exhalation and inhalation processes which also known as respiration or breathing happens in larynx which is connected to bronchus, bronchioles and alveoli respectively. In a simple sentence is lung. So, it is well known as the site of gas exchange. Let us not drag those to another significant multisystem processes on how our body handling it. Back to the larynx, larynx is what you call a tube having our precious gift of Allah (God, bahgwan, budha, jesus according to your own religion), the VOCAL BOX. Here, the volume and pitch are manipulated by the movement of respective muscles, tendons and cartilages. This will generate a fundamental frequency or pitch. It is well controlled by the movement of vocal folds through adduction of arytenoid cartilages producing a vibration called phonation which also you heard as voice. The position of your lips, tongue, mouth and pharynx creates many different vowels and consonant sound as tone and world’s languages. In male, the vocal folds are longer and wider and can be seen as Adam’s apple (thyroid cartilage). In our normal breathing, the arytenoid cartilages medially rotates and open the vocal folds as a mass of gases run through it, thus opening the epiglottis. What will happen to the epiglottis when we stop or pause breathing as it happens during the swallowing of food or water? The epiglottis automatically will fall and close the airway passage of the larynx allowing food to enter the esophagus and stomach. Okay, this is the normal process happening in our body and that is not the point of writing this. The main point that I want to state here is this is exactly what happen during smoking. Shall I say that smoking process is the same as the eating process? Yes, how? The active smokers might relate this in an easier way. As for the passive smokers try to relate while you are enjoying your meal. Have you ever notice that when u eat or swallow food, you are not breathing or pause your breathing. Yes you are. Many of you now will start to focus on how you swallow your food right now, aren’t you? Haha, it’s okay, you should if you want to know the process. So, as I said before, epiglottis will closed the airway passage during swallowing. When eating or smoking, the epiglottis had closed your airway passage leading the bolus and smokes into the esophagus and stomach. That is why many active smokers are suffering from gastrictitis, liver problems and lung disease. As for the passive smokers, lung disease is relevant to inhalation of the smokes if you stand near the active smokers. That is all I want to share with you for the time being. I know it is kind of lame, but hope you gain some additional info. Bye bye now... -hugs & kisses-

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